How To Fix The Pitch Fibre Drains Problem?


The Pitch fibre drains have become outdated by now. Still, if you have a house owned or is using, constructed during 1940 to 1970, and if any issue you are facing with your drainage system, it might be due to pitch fiber drainage system. It is made of wood cellulose fiber and coal tar pitch (1:4 ratio by weight).

That time it was the cheapest way for drainage installation. But with the increasing need for better and high-volume water flow, it could not cope with the time. Nowadays, several pipes have been launched in the market that need less care and give your sewage lines more life. Also, the modern drainage pipes are made with plastic or fiber and are easy to install, affordable, and buy.

However, for any reason, if you come across the term fiber drains or pitch fiber drainage, it could most probably be because you want to clean or repair it with better drain lining or replace a worry-free drainage system.

What To Do If You Have Pitch Fiber Drains

Finding the real culprit behind the damage inside your drainage system is the most critical job. Finding the damage can’t be done by yourself because it is impossible to search all the corners from where the pipes are going through.

The first thing you can do is a CCTV drain survey. You can contact a drainage solution company to take a survey by inserting a CCTV inside the pitch fiber drainage. Based on the severity of the damage, they will suggest a needful solution.

Solutions For Various Pitch Fibre Drain Problems

The solution can vary depending on the type of problems in fiber drains.

  • If there is a blockage, you can clean it.
  • If it is a minor issue like a leakage or hanging blisters, you can resolve it with some patchwork or repair work.
  • If the damage is making your living hell, you may need to replace the pitch fiber drain.

How To Clean?

By mechanical rodding or jetting high-pressure water, you can clear the blockage in pitch fiber drains. You can also take the help of a vacuum tube that can easily get inserted into the drainage line with the blow of high-pressure air; it can clear the hurdles. Once the blockage gets clean, the water can pass easily with a proper flow.

But with time, it can weaken the drainage material and may lead to replacing it with a newer alternative.

How To Repair?

If there are blisters over time or small leakages, you can repair the pipe by the drain lining method. Here you can add a liner of polyester with resin to the pitch fiber drainage system.

How To Replace?

If the problem is recurring, then better replace the whole pitch fiber drain system with modern alternatives.

However, it is best if you consult a drainage solution company and follow their ways. The best method with pitch fibre drains is to repair with drain lining for minor-issues and replace it with an advanced alternative for significant issues.

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