What Are The Reasons For Following The Amazon Suspension Order?


Amazon is one of the most popular e-commerce websites in the 21st century. The vast network and abundance of product variation are the primary reason for Amazon’s success. As per a recent study, over 206 million people visit the Amazon website every month. Thus it is essential to control the vast customer base with excellent customer service and product quality.

What Is Amazon Seller Suspension?

Amazon account suspended is a huge problem for Amazon sellers. Amazon seller suspension is a concept that is effective for Amazon sellers. This concept prohibits Amazon sellers from selling a specific product of Amazon marked as ‘suspended.’

Amazon provides short notice with proper reasons for the suspension. The seller needs to follow the instruction of Amazon; otherwise, Amazon can take legal action against the seller.

Reasons For Amazon Suspension Order

The reasons for which Amazon may create a suspension order against its seller are as follows-

Delayed customer service, late shipping orders and receiving lots of negative reviews are primary reasons for getting an Amazon suspension order. Amazon has a zero-tolerance policy for its customer service. Without good customer service, no seller can do business with Amazon.

If any seller product is visible on the restricted products page, Amazon may suspend your account. Amazon mainly takes proper safety for child’s products.

If a seller misleads any customers for buying a particular product, Amazon may suspend the seller account. And it is tough for the seller to get an amazon suspension appeal.

Phases Of Amazon Suspension

In the Amazon suspension phase, Amazon notifies the seller for not selling the suspended product. Amazon also provides the fundamental reason for not selling the product.

The Amazon ban phase is applicable for sellers who send a letter to Amazon to permit them to sell the suspended product. If Amazon sense some sellers are desperate for selling the product. Amazon, stop reading any further requests.

In the Amazon denial phase, sellers attempt to change the Amazon decision for the suspended products. In many cases, Amazon accepts the sellers’ request, whereas Amazon may deny receiving the appeal of other sellers. It is not easy for getting an amazon suspension appeal.

Process Of Avoiding Amazon Suspension Order

If a seller wants to avoid Amazon suspension, they should follow these necessary steps.

While opening an Amazon seller account, it is necessary to provide correct documentation scanned and uploaded for verification by the Amazon authority. No shadow should be visible on the scanned documents.

Amazon policies and guidelines are essential to know for the seller. Breach of Amazon’s guidelines may create lots of problems for the seller.

Sellers should make a list of the problematic products and provide the list to Amazon authority in time. It can help Amazon sellers from being suspended.

Amazon sellers should avoid those products that attract negative feedback. Negative feedback is not good for your business. Amazon account suspended for the seller for this critical reason.

If your outsourcing sellers do not work properly, Amazon can cancel your contract. Thus it is essential to choose authentic outsourcing to avoid Amazon suspension orders.

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