Debunking Some of The Terms of The Vaping World


Vaping is now well-established in mainstream society and is now recommended as a viable form of nicotine replacement therapy for those looking to give up smoking. For those new to the medium, vaping has some terms and phrases that can seem rather confusing. This short piece aims to help you by describing and debunking a number of the most popular vaping terms. This should give you a greater understanding of vaping and enable you to increase your enjoyment while on your vaping journey.

Let’s Talk Devices

For the newer vaper, the next step to a more advanced vape device may look confusing and overwhelming with all the various machines in today’s marketplace. From the recently introduced no nicotine disposable vapes to the advanced vape pods, the below terms and phases should simplify matters for you –

  • AIO – All-In-One describes vape devices with all the components included in one tidy design.
  • ADV – All Day Vape is the term for an e-liquid so good you will use it all day.
  • Coil – this is the heating element contained within the tank when heated vapour is produced.
  • Clearomizer – a smaller vape tank containing the tasty e-liquid often used in vape pens.
  • Drip Tip – this is the mouthpiece that you inhale the vapour through.
  • Mods – more powerful advanced-level vape devices.
  • Pods – this is the newest type of vape device, which uses a sealed pod instead of a tank.
  • Sub 0hm – is a coil with lower resistance used for larger vapour clouds.
  • Tank – containing the heating coil and is filled with flavoured e-liquid.
  • Vent Holes – used in some devices to change the airflow rate.
  • VV – Variable Voltage – advanced devices have the ability to alter the voltage.
  • VW – Variable wattage – again, the ability to change the wattage on a vape device.
  • Zero – a disposable vape using a no-nicotine e-liquid.

Your E-Liquid Terms Explained

Many different vaping terms relate to the vaping liquids, from the different mix ratios to the difference between traditional freebase nicotine and salt nicotine e-liquid. Let us look at some of these terms now –

  • PG – Propylene Glycol – one of the main ingredients of e-liquid, a great carrier of flavour.
  • VG – Vegetable Glycerin – also one of the main components of vape juice, liquids with a higher VG content produce larger clouds of vapour.
  • Freebase – The traditional type of nicotine used in e-liquids, it is refined using harsh chemicals.
  • Nic Salt – a newer form of nicotine used in e-liquid refined using a more natural process, the outcome is a smoother vape.
  • Shortfill – e-liquid containing no nicotine for mixing with the nicotine shot.
  • Shots or Nic shot – added to shortfill e-liquids to the desired strength.
  • 50/50 – a vaping liquid with even amounts of PG and VG.
  • 80/20 – e-liquids with a higher level of PG for greater flavour.
  • 70/30 – vape liquid with more VG for more significant vapour clouds.

Not Already Covered

The above terms have covered a vast majority of information about vape devices and the e-liquid used in them, and there are still some terms that you may not know. This last short list of vaping phrases will cover some of them –

  • Cloud Chaser – a vaper who wants their device to produce massive vapour clouds.
  • Dry Hit – when you inhale, and the liquid hasn’t burnt properly.
  • DTL – Direct-To-Lung is a style of vaping where the vapour is drawn into the lungs.
  • MTL – Mouth-To-Lung is the style of vaping used by many new vapers.
  • Throat Hit – used to describe the sensation on the throat when vaping.

So, we have it; your vaping terms explained. Hopefully, you can now confidently navigate your vaping journey and enjoy new experiences.

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